All-time SEC QBs

July 1, 2014 

The Sun Herald's

SEC's Top 10 all-time QBs:

The Southeastern Conference has a rich legacy of great quarterbacks. Here is the Sun Herald's Top 10 all-time SEC quarterbacks.

1. Peyton Manning, Tennessee: 1994-1997

2. Tim Tebow, Florida: 2006-2009.

3. Johnny Manziel, Texas A&M: 2011-2013.

4. Archie Manning, Ole Miss: 1968-1970.

5. Steve Spurrier, Florida: 1964-1966.

6. Joe Namath, Alabama: 1963-1965.

7. Condredge Holloway, Tennessee: 1972-1974.

8. A.J. McCarron, Alabama: 2009-2013.

9. Danny Wuerffel, Florida: 1992-1996.

10. Fran Tarkenton, Georgia: 1958-1960.

Note: Criteria was based on starting for at least two seasons. Cam Newton played only a season at Auburn and doesn't qualify.

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