Sound Off for July 2

July 1, 2014 

Only when we win

The only good World Cup soccer is when the USA wins! Otherwise ... "yawn".

Domestic matters

Mr. President: Please, no more worthless speeches! Close our Southern border with Mexico, stay out of Middle East foreign affairs, clean up the IRS and the VA. Now!

No glass!

I sure hope they were tourists on Sunday's front page photo of the people on the beach. If not, shame, shame; locals know glass bottles are not allowed on the beach.

Late learning?

Has the U.S. Supreme Court finally figured out that we do have a constitution?

Stop the calls

I've recently noticed that many Sun Herald readers are complaining that they are receiving annoying telemarketing calls. For those who want to stop those calls, go to You can register a phone number and submit a complaint. It worked for me.

All true

Mr. Parkers "Letter To The Editor" was short sweet, to the point and straight to the truth. There was another comment in the Sound Off reply. We can vote all we want, for whomever we want. The big conglomerates rule Washington. All is true.

Pay attention

I sure hope state legislators and the Mississippi Gaming Commission are taking note of the recent casino industry happenings in Atlantic City!. Even gaming industry leaders agree that the Gulf Coast is saturated with enough casinos -- with more still planned. Not good. Many of us fear that the "Mississippi Miracle" is going to turn into a vast wasteland of empty casino buildings and overgrown properties.

Nothing wrong

Concerning the recent primary election runoff, from all I have heard I find nothing Thad Cochran did that was illegal. He asked people to vote for him and they did. Good campaigning. He said whomever wanted to vote for him should be allowed to do so. He represents everyone. Cochran should not be penalized, because his opponent did not campaign to seek votes as well as he did.

Close the border

Americans have been to the moon in a space ship and are able to tell the color of a person's eyes by looking through advanced microscopes at a human gene. Tell me why we can't secure our border between Mexico and the United States? Why doesn't President Obama issue one of his executive orders to put a lot of people to work to accomplish this? When our border is secure, we can better control the flow of illegal aliens into our country.

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