GRADY BAGGETT Jr.: Hats off to veterans - and vets, hats off indoors

July 1, 2014 

Iread the nice item from a traveling veteran and wife published in Sound Off. It is always nice to hear about good actions and the welcome shown to visitors and veterans.

It is good to see veterans with hats/caps with emblems, patches and places on them. I am a Korea/Vietnam veteran myself, serving from June 1948 to February 1972 and I appreciate all veterans. I must say, I am amazed at veterans of all ages wearing hats/caps in restaurants while dining. This may be old-fashioned (I am old), but I bet most were taught to remove hats inside, especially when eating.

Military on active duty can be seen removing hats when entering any building, except when under arms, and it is a sign of respect for our great provider, and families.

How about it, vets and others, could we show a little more respect? If the public sees your cap near you, you will still be recognized. Thank you veterans for your service and sacrifice.



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