CHUCK BURKHARD: Obama apologists are still out there

July 1, 2014 

After reading Reg Henry's column on Monday, it dawned on me the Obama apologists have been unusually quiet of late. Mr. Henry is proof they are still out there.

Mr. Henry elevates every statement that is not pro-Obama to the level of a scandal allegation. By doing so, he attempts to dilute the importance of some allegations. President Obama being a community organizer was not a scandal, it was a statement of fact. His birthplace was not a scandal, it was an unproven allegation and most certainly his use of a tele-prompter didn't rise to the level of a scandal. Evidently, in Mr. Henry's eyes any statement that does not flatter the president is an attempt to scandalize him.

As in the past, it's not the misdeed itself that causes the most outrage, it's the ensuing cover-up. If President Nixon didn't oversee the cover-up of Watergate it would have indeed been a second-rate burglary. If President Clinton hadn't pointed his finger at the American public and denied having a sexual relationship with Ms. Lewinsky, it would have not been any more important than any of his other dalliances.

The fact that veterans faced unreasonable waiting times to be seen by a physician was bad enough, but the hidden waiting lists is unacceptable, and indeed a scandal. If the secret lists were kept to ensure managers received bonuses, it most certainly rises to the level of being criminal.

The charade put on by Ms. Lerner when she said she broke no regulation or law in her behavior as an IRS manager and then citing the Fifth Amendment is outrageous.

Losing two years of emails will be proven accidental or not, although I'm skeptical. Failure to notify the National Archives of lost federal documents, as required, is a violation of federal law.


Ocean Springs

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