MARY LARSON: Wake up, you slouches, and go to the polls

July 1, 2014 

Mississippi does not require people to declare whether they are Democrats, Republicans or independents. So, one can vote for anyone they choose, on any primary ballot. However, when there is a situation such as the one with Cochran and McDaniel, where a runoff is required, those who voted Democratic on primary ballots may not vote on the Republican runoff ballots. I am sure those who worked June 24 did not, and would not, allow anyone to vote when they should not vote. McDaniel is off base when suggesting that could happen and poll workers would cheat for any candidate.

Voting is constitutionally protected. It is our right and our responsibility to maintain and ensure continuity of our wonderful republic by utilizing the ballot to communicate our wishes for our country.

Only one-third or fewer citizens voted last week. Those who didn't think their choosing to stay home on election day will not affect the outcome. Wake up, you slouches. It wasn't too long ago when we learned every vote does indeed count.

I am especially tired of listening to complaints from those who are too lazy to vote. From those who think they have the right to complain when they do nothing to help to ensure our freedoms. Voting is the easiest and most important act for citizens to do.

Without our input, our representatives think they can get away with doing anything they want to appease those greedy corporations that provide all the money for them to get re-elected.

Get ready for November. It will take you time to study the party platforms, to study the allegiances of those who are running to fulfill the items listed in them. Get off the couch. Turn off the TV. Decide what you want for you and your country. Your country needs you now.

Whether Democrat, Republican or independent, you decide. You vote. Vote in November for the USA.



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