LENNY EMMANUEL: We need to get all Americans to vote

July 1, 2014 

During the "Great Generation," between the late 1930s and early 1960s, if you wanted to eat you had to work. Except for one or two years during all those years, I have worked and every member of my family has worked.

We are now living in the "Endowment Generation," and our Congress, along with the lobbyists, have created it.

There is a way to stop Congress from ruthless spending.

1. Somehow get all Americans to vote -- and vote every incumbent out of office. Pray we can vote all of them out of office after they serve at the most no more than four years.

2. Establish a pool of qualified citizens to serve in Congress. These individuals will need at least a college education and/or be well-established business men or women in our communities. This will be a tedious process, but it will eliminate the professional politician. Such individuals should be able to return to their jobs or professions after they serve, and their salaries in Congress should equal to the compensation they were receiving for their former jobs or professions.

3. From this pool of qualified citizens, have a lottery in which perhaps eight citizens are "drawn," after which debates and guest appearances could be arranged so our citizens have a clear understanding of the qualifications of the chosen few.

Is this radical? Yes, indeed. But our choices could not be worse than we currently have in Congress.

The power is still in the people of America, but a passive attitude in terms of voting will destroy America. So let's find a way to get everybody to the polls.


Pass Christian

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