Sound Off for July 1

June 30, 2014 


The front page article on pay-it-forward for Hollie Gonsoulin was heartwarming and inspirational. I work in a convenience store. Later that afternoon, a sweet lady in her late 30s was wanting a hotdog, but she didn't have her money. Her mother was getting gas and apparently not coming back in. She was confused, so I offered to buy it for her. Hotdog $1.50. The tear in her eye, her smile, and the hug she gave me, priceless.

Open primary

On June 24 the Republican Party was redefined, and it wasn't by the Tea Party. Sen. Cochran showed how Republicans can reach across party lines. They listened to both candidates and made their choice. You don't have to be white to be a Republican and for some reason, McDaniel wants to associate the blacks with the Democratic Party. I will always continue to support open primaries in Mississippi. I am a Republican and have crossed party lines in every election when Gene Taylor was running for Congress.

Think about it

Police "legally" stop law-abiding citizens on our roadways for no other reason than to "check" for DUI, driver and car ownership credentials ("papers, please!"), but our Southern border remains porous and illegal aliens are not prosecuted for breaking our laws. Think about it.

Show some consideration

For the ones who want to shoot off fireworks -- take them to the beachfront. It's illegal to shoot them off in neighborhoods, and you are being very inconsiderate to your neighbors.

United beyond party

I'm confused. There have been so many comments regarding voting for your party candidate. I vote for the person that I think will do the most good for this country. If we keep being vindictive and voting out of spite we are splitting the wonderful democracy that we are privileged to live in. Whatever happened to just being American?

Divided we fall

Everyone is arguing Republicans did this, Democrats did that. I won't vote for this party or that one. They have you where they want you "divided." Everyone in Washington needs to be fired all the way down to the janitors in the buildings and start over.

Democrat for Thad

I am a Democrat who voted for Thad Cochran. As much as I would like to see a Democratic senator from Mississippi, I realize that will not happen this year. I voted for the person that will do the best job. If Thad's opponent is so upset that Thad went after Democratic votes, maybe he should have worked to change the law as he is a member of the Republican-controlled state senate. Oh, I almost forgot that Thad's opponent had a hard time making it to work and voting.

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