Sound Off for June 30

June 29, 2014 

Switching votes

I too have decided to vote for Mr. Childers, a Democrat in the November election. No more Republican membership money from me. I fully understand why Mississippi is the No. 1 state in corruption!

Who loses votes?

OK, let's assume the McDaniel reviewers come up with people who voted in both the Democrat primary and the Republican runoff. From whom do we take away the votes? How do we know they did not vote for McDaniel?

Party keeps changing

Most of my life I was a registered Republican in a red state. I worked for wages and a benefit package. I was always conflicted by issues I faced that were supported by the party. So, I voted my conscience on candidates and ballot issues, because what is right is right. Crossover was so common, I can say now I am not a Republican, rather more just a voter. This party has always moved farther right since it morphed into this version it is now. I feel this was due to the civil rights changes of the 60s and President (Lyndon) Johnson. Now I can say I'll never be a Republican again.

Great place to build

If the city of Biloxi could buy out all homes between Hiller and West off Pass Road that connect going into Hiller Park. Hiller Park is a beautiful place to put a casino/hotel, so much potential. It's on the water! The two streets are newly paved. Planning, take a look, maybe y'all will see what I do? Pay me finder's fee.

Just do it!

Oh please! Do it! Go in and vote against your party because you are miffed about who won the nomination. It makes perfect sense, really it does! The rest of us will be laughing all the way to Washington!

History revisited

To Enlightening Read: From your choice of reading matter, I assume you see parallels between the United States and the Roman empire in its declining years. May I remind you that Rome was at its zenith when the Romans worshiped pagan gods. It was only after Christianity became the state religion that the empire fell apart.

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