A whale of a fish tale

June 27, 2014 

As I head out for a day of whale watching, I was reminded of a fishy story.

So, when I was met at a ballgame by one of the interns who help run the show for our team, the Gatemen of the Cape Cod Baseball League, it was indeed a fishy tale.

Hannah doesn't fish. Hannah's family doesn't eat fish. That's one of the peculiar things about her story, but she's got the "provenance" to back up the tale. She's got pictures.

As I took a look at Hannah's picture, I saw a couple of things that seemed fishy. Her bike was in the background. Not a boat, a bike. She was on a bike path that runs along Cape Cod Canal and that's where this thing started.

Hannah was biking with a friend when she noticed a fellow pulling in a big fish. She and her friend made a "wow" comment to him and next thing you know he's asking Hannah who has never fished if she'd like to give it a try. Being adventurous, "Sure," was her answer.  

Next thing you know she's really struggling. Something mighty big got on the end of her line. Hannah won the battle. Mr. Fish was hauled to shore. 

That thing was ginormous. Hannah's tall and the fish, a striped bass, spanned from her armpit to mid-shin. The guy turned out to be a commercial fisherman. He took the fish, fileted it and gave it to her signed, sealed and delivered.

Not coming from a family who eats fish she gave it to her friend who called her up after cooking the thing and said, "You want a bite?" To which Hannah said, "Sure, I'd love to taste the fruit of my labor." She reported that it was delicious.

That'll preach. Hannah was telling her story with excitement. Kind of like when Christ comes into our world and rocks our boat. We want to tell everyone, but that's where the story begins to change. Often we don't get to enjoy the "fruit of our labors" but the struggle to be "fishers of men" is every bit as wearing as catching the big fish. Some days the fishing is fruitless, period.

Yet, fishers of men love to tell the old, old story. They're passionate in the fishing whether the fish are biting or not. The company of fellow fishermen, the story, the purpose of the day, the basking in creation and the hope of what is to come, well that's the joy of the journey. That's a story, y'all and there's nothing fishy about it.

Happy and blessed fishing. Have a "whale" of a day.

Kandi Farris, a freelance correspondent, also is a speaker on matters of faith and values.

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