CLIVE MUTSCHLER: Kudos to the DMR for casino decision

June 26, 2014 

Kudos to the state Department of Marine Resources and its executive director, Jamie Miller, for the recent decision over what constitutes land and/or water.

The idea that land-based businesses such as casinos belong on the beach is the worst case of improper land use I've ever heard of. Yet gambling regulations require a casino to be no farther than 800 feet from the "mean high-water line" of an approved body of water.

Casinos do nothing but destroy the natural beauty we have here on the Coast. They are nothing but closed-up boxes of plastic and steel that belong inland. A typical casino here on the Coast has no facilities to take advantage of the beach and water, so they do not belong there. Try and find an open terrace with a view of the water and a sea breeze.

Some had beautiful marinas before Katrina, but now they remain closed. They function solely as a screen to block the wonderful view of our majestic Mississippi Sound.

They have driven up real estate prices beyond the reach of true water-based businesses such as marinas, boatyards and restaurants that make use of rather than squandering our God-given natural resources.

It appears that the decisions are all made in Jackson by those who most likely have never put a bare foot in the sand or cast for fish from the beach.

I hope Mr. Miller has the courage to stand up for what's right and expands upon that decision. Keep the Back Bay beautiful instead of letting it get sliced up with tacky, gaudy, plastic boxes that belong in downtown Jackson and not crowding our scenic waterways.


Ocean Springs

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