Sound Off for June 26

June 25, 2014 

Impediment to voting

The low numbers of people who vote does not surprise me. I talked to many folks who don't register to vote because of the fact that you then are eligible to be called for jury duty. And they just can't afford the loss of wages during jury duty.

Enough said

Says it all when a career "Republican" politician needs to campaign for Democratic votes to win a primary.

Spend it on vets

Looks like the Biloxi VA is spending a lot of money on construction, but nothing on the patients. It takes over six months to get an appointment with them, and then over four hours to see a doctor that day. Need to spend some of that money on the vets.

Fix the potholes

How about getting the road west of our entrance paved. Yes, the one in front of businesses that bring tax dollars into our area. The potholes are awful now and even worse when it rains. A driver can't know how bad the hole is until possibly ruining their car. It's summertime. Travelers and school kids are out and on the roads, maybe our roads. Please don't put this off. It's a danger now.

No sympathy

If conservatives think they can declare war on the president, duly elected by the majority; insist that the country must be taken back, from the majority; demand theocratic interjections into the separation of church and state; refer to fellow citizens as not patriotic enough; disrupt town hall meetings; jam the government into shutdown; disenfranchise voters they don't like; gerrymander the place into a win-by-cheating scheme; monger wars that they don't put on the books; approve of torture; out CIA agents; set up armed roadblocks on Nevada's highways; never admit to or own up to their misbehavior; and think the rest of us are sympathetic to their cause, my sense of it is, "tread on them."

Trash receptacles, please

Whether the Sand Beach Authority or city of Gulfport, you should be embarrassed about the condition of the beach. On Saturday morning the beach was littered with trash, and the Courthouse Road boat launch had a great deal of litter. There was no trash can around. I cannot imagine that someone is not capable of coordinating the key tourists areas on our beaches, and keep then clean on a daily basis. The weekends are very important to our tourist industry and in the next eight weeks, the beaches should be a top priority. In addition, the Fourth of July is approaching; how about having enough trash cans or trash bags out on the beach so that people will dispose of their trash? What a simple idea.

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