DENNIS HOUSE: A state's fortunes may not be about who's governor

June 24, 2014 

There has been a lot of comment in the newspaper lately either blaming or praising conservatives for their effect on state government. Yesterday, I had a conversation with a friend. I knew she had played in a blackjack tournament so I asked how she had done. She replied she made it to the finals but just could not get any good cards so she was eliminated.

Sometimes the economy deals you a really good hand and sometimes the opposite. To say a particular state is doing well because of who is governor or which party they are from overlooks the fact that at times the state is doing well just because of the industry located there.

The economy of Texas is flourishing because an oil boom is going on there that has little to do with the governing party.

The economies of Houston, Dallas and Austin are really doing great. All three cities have been governed by Democrats for many years.

I am sure the party in power is not the main reason they are doing well but rather the type of businesses located there.

If the price of gold goes to $5,000 an ounce, the economy of South Africa will be good in spite of all its problems.



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