SUN HERALD | Editorial: Just when did Bryant decide Common Core was a failure?

June 24, 2014 

Gov. Phil Bryant now says, "I think Common Core is a failed program, and the United States is beginning to realize that."

Just exactly when did the governor come to this realization?

It's doubtful it was as long ago as the summer of 2010, when the Mississippi Board of Education adopted the standards. Or the summer of 2011, when teachers started being trained in their use.

Perhaps it was during the early testing of the standards in the Gulfport School District and a few others around the state? But if so, why did Bryant wait until late last week to share his assessment?

Perhaps his awakening came last week because the 2013-14 school year is wrapping up and this was the first year of full implementation of Common Core?

That would certainly explain why he did not support efforts to kill Common Core during the last legislative session.

Or could it be Bryant is being influenced by what is happening in the political arena rather than in the classroom?

For instance, a day before Bryant's announcement, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal declared he wanted Common Core out of his state. And going into Tuesday's runoff, Thad Cochran, a supporter of Common Core whom Bryant endorsed, was trailing Chris McDaniel, a harsh critic of the standards.

So just when and why did Gov. Bryant conclude Common Core was a failure?

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