Sound Off for June 24

June 23, 2014 

Thanks, Ole Miss

I would like to thank all the people who put Ole Miss out there and give all this entertainment for the last few weeks. It was very pleasant to watch Mississippi in the lime light for a change. I also want to thank all the fans that were able to travel with the team. Good luck next year.

Friendly airport, please

I appreciated reading the Open Forum letter from the executive director of the Gulfport airport regarding the parking status and how it works. The rates need to be posted on a large sign prior to the entryway of the parking area, i.e. short-term, long-term, covered, etc. I agree with a prior reader that there are too many police patrolling the airport area making one feel uncomfortable when they are just dropping someone off. Also, it would be nice if there was a welcoming message from the governor or the Gulfport mayor welcoming visitors to the Coast or those returning. We need a friendly airport.

No glass on beach

Come on, Biloxi. I rode my bike Saturday morning from the Coast Coliseum to the Golden Nugget. I could not believe how much broken glass that is along our beach area. In one area you could see where someone stepped on something and you could follow their bloody footprints to where they got into their car. This is not what we want our beach to look like. If it is not already a city regulation, restrict glass on U.S. 90. If it is, enforce it. Post the signs and fine those who don't follow. All of the beverage companies make aluminum containers. Force them to do so along U.S. 90. I'm sure most of the readers agree that they won't take their children to the beach with this hazard out there.


I had to laugh at the Sound Off of an Australian from Melbourne addressing all our dead animals on our Mississippi Roads. Not only was it a break from politics, it brought back fond memories of my "good old days" living in Australia. This last week I went out with my shovel and picked up a dead squirrel and turtle who had miss-timed their street crossing, so this seemed too coincidental to pass up. I'm not sure if the Aussie noticed, but this isn't Melbourne, a city of about four and a half million people. That's a population larger than our entire state of Mississippi, and rural places have more animals than cities. By the way, Mississippi is much more fun to spell than Melbourne, but I digress. I lived in Australia and loved it, so please don't go thinking I'm hating on the Aussies because, quite the opposite, I loved it there and would go back to live there in a heartbeat, but I hit and killed many a kangaroo and emu when I lived there.

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