EDITORIAL: Harrah's knows how to keep nightlife moving

June 23, 2014 

When Harrah's announced it was going to celebrate its entry into the Coast casino market with a free Darius Rucker concert, it wasn't clear just how it would pull it off.

The venue was to be the recently cleared Margaritaville site between Beach Boulevard and the Mississippi Sound. This alone would have created traffic and crowd control problems to be solved.

But added to the mix Saturday night was traffic from Scrapin' The Coast and the potential gridlock created by the overnight closing of Interstate 110.

Yet Harrah's took it all in stride. Its personnel were on site early and stayed late to coordinate the flow of both vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

With a notable assist from the Biloxi Police Department and the Harrison County Sheriff's Department, traffic flowed as smoothly as could be expected through the afternoon and evening.

Harrah's made an impressive effort to prevent a night out from becoming a nightmare.

Whatever else Harrah's Gulf Coast has planned for this piece of property, we hope it matches the level of success achieved on Saturday.

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