Gut instinct, debates are most important to voters

Posted on June 23, 2014 


Politicians and office holders worried about taking part in a debate might want to get over those worries.

According to a survey of Mississippians by Resonate, which describes itself as a bipartisan data analytics company serving political campaigns and issues advocacy organizations, more than half of Mississippi voters are motivated to vote for a candidate by information they get from debates.

Thinking about hiring a high-priced consultant to persuade voters? Resonate said 32 percent of the 872 voters surveyed online told them "gut instinct" guided their votes.

Other results Resonate got when it asked: When deciding who to vote for during an election, what three sources of information influence your decision the most?

  • Cable news, 27 percent
  • Party affiliation 25 percent
  • Broadcast news 21 percent
  • Friend and family 19 percent
  • Newspapers 18 percent
  • Campaign events 15 percent

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