Sound Off for June 23

June 22, 2014 


To all the Diamondhead POA candidates who were elected Saturday, sincere congratulations. Thank you for stepping forward. You have a lot of learning and work ahead in order to make well-informed decisions. We are proud of you for being part of the solution.

Complete stop

I'm a safe driver and always come to a complete stop. I notice many other drivers don't come to a complete stop. When I meet these drivers on something like a four-way stop they seem to feel because they have slowed down they get the right away when I have done what the law requires and stopped. Please finish what you started and stop as I have and you are moving through the intersection unlawfully; and I don't need to get hit.

Slow down!

Society, please slow down. I moved to Biloxi in March 1998 and when in a store people were not in such a hurry. I now have to be careful, so I don't get bumped. People are distracted and in a hurry and I get bumped into. I went to see amatinee with only a few people in the theater and noticed couples in their 50s and 60s with their feet on the chair in front of them. This is behavior I noticed in the past only teenagers would do back when I was a teenager. Please slow down and smell the roses.

Conservative success

I get a kick out of writers, who blame conservative philosophy and politicians for the lowly status of Mississippi. I suggest they take a trip to Texas, which is a highly successful state dominated by conservatives. Maybe they'll find out that their own state's failures could just be a reflection on the quality of its citizens when it comes to teaching their children the values of education and hard work. Maybe they'll learn that it takes a well-informed populace to overcome the lack of integrity in government and business leaders; and, maybe they'll finally understand that they will continue to fail if they consider themselves to be "victims of the unjust society."

Really good show

Saturday night's free concert seemed to me to be a win-win for not only people of the Gulf Coast, but also for Harrahs and the Golden Nugget. It was a really nice concert in what is going to be a great venue after it is finished. Harrahs did a really good job in preparing for the concert by providing parking areas with personnel there to assist in getting in and out of the lots. The parking assistants were in place around 12 (p.m.) to show people the parking lots. Both the Golden Nugget as well as Harrahs probably did a booming bar and restaurant business after the show as people were in the mood to party after the concert. Great job with the fireworks, also. Congrats, Harrahs. Hope to have more concerts like this.

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