Beacon, Black Jacks, Mullets, Schooners, Shrimpers or Shuckers?

Posted by PATRICK MAGEE on June 2, 2014 

Fans to vote on 6 name options for Biloxi baseball team

There are six names that fans will get to vote on in the “Name the Team” contest for Biloxi's new Double-A baseball team.

The names are: Beacon, Black Jacks, Mullets, Schooners, Shrimpers, and Shuckers.

The options were chosen from 4,000 submissions by fans.

Fans can vote on the names as often as they'd like by going on the team's official website.

A name won't be announced for several months as the team has to go through the minor league approval process.

Team management listed the names in a Monday press release, giving a description of each option:

BILOXI BEACON: A symbol of resilience, the "Biloxi Beacon" honors the Biloxi beach lighthouse, which has weathered nature's mightiest storms since 1848. Beacon embodies Biloxi's can-do attitude, shared by coastal residents throughout the region.

BILOXI BLACK JACKS: Combining the fun of Minor League Baseball with casino & seafood industries, the "Biloxi Black Jacks" pays homage to the "rare" black-colored Gulf Coast Jack fish.

BILOXI MULLETS: A tribute to Biloxi bacon and the popular Biloxi fish, the "Biloxi Mullets" falls in line with the Lugnuts, Biscuits and other wacky names for which Minor League Baseball is known.

BILOXI SCHOONERS: The "Biloxi Schooners" celebrates the legendary Biloxi-built boats known for their speed and windward ability. Schooners became a way of life for fishermen along the Mississippi Coast.

BILOXI SHRIMPERS: The Gulf Coast shrimp gave birth to Biloxi's famous seafood industry in the 1920s and 1930s. The name "Biloxi Shrimpers" embodies Biloxi's reputation as the hub of the Gulf's shrimping industry. 

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