Stay tuned for Mississippi's Women of the Year

Posted on May 6, 2014 


The Commission on the Status of Women later this morning will recognize its Women of the Year, which honors Mississippians who have made significant contributions in their fields. 

The Commission’s “Harder in Heels” Spring Luncheon will be at 11:30 a.m. at The South, 627 East Silas Brown in Downtown Jackson. Meridian native and actress Sela Ward, the Commission’s Ambassador of the Year, will give a special message at its "Harder in Heels" Spring Luncheon then women will be honored  for art, community service, business, education, law, medicine, military and law enforcement, and government service.  

The nominees are: 

Art/Entertainment/Performing Arts

1.  Eleanor Chickaway

2.  Pamela Confer

3.  Lucy Mazzaferro

4.  Bebe Wolfe                                                                     



1.  Sandra Ashford

2.  Susan Lunardini

3.  Gee Gee Patridge

4.  Wendy Putt

5.  Rita Seward 


Community Service

1.  Jane Alexander

2.  Sandy Middleton

3.  Sandra Murphy Shelson J.D.

4.  Cathy Skyes

5.  Maggie Wade       



1.  Dr. Corinne Anderson

2.  Nancy Loome

3.  Dr. Frances Lucas

4.  Dr. Candra Nelson

5.  Dr. Jayne Sargent      



1. Dean Deborah Bell J.D

2.  Cynthia Davis J.D.

3.  Patricia Cox Gandy J.D.

4.  Justice Ann Lamar

5.  Lydia Quarles J.D.



1.  Dr. Debrynda Davey

2.  Dr. Ruth Fredericks

3.  Dr. Lessa Phillips

4.  Dr. Catherine Carter Sledge

5.  Dr. Louann Woodward 


Military/Law Enforcement:  

1.  Master Sgt Verlean Brown

2.  Brig. Gen. (Miss., retired) Deborah Coleman

3.  Capt. Kathy Fick

4.  Jennifer Collins (battalion commander.)

5.  Col. Ermea (EJ) Russell


Political/ State Local Government:

1.  State Rep. Alyce Clarke

2.  Katherine Collier

3.  EPA Director Trudy Fisher

4.  Melinda McGrath P.E.

5.  Agriculture Commissioner Cindy Hyde-Smith

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