Parris Island, here we come!

Posted by PATRICK OCHS on April 29, 2014 

Jeff LaFrance, a homebound instructor at Ocean Springs, talks about his impeding trip to Parris Island to see what Marine Corps boot camp is like. For more, visit


Well, we're on our way to boot camp.

This morning, I was joined by Ocean Springs teacher Jeff LaFrance at the airport with our final destination ticketed for Parris Island, S.C.

You can read more about the overall trip in an article that appeared in Tuesday's paper.  It's probably fair to say we both have a nervous energy about our upcoming trip. Neither of us have much of a military background -- and we've both seen plenty of screaming on YouTube videos. That being said, we're both excited to see what the workshop has to offer.

We had a slight delay in Gulfport and another one in Atlanta -- hey, getting the full travel experience! -- but once we get to Savannah, Ga., we'll be bused to Parris Island, S.C., and the fun can begin.

Below is a copy of our trip itinerary. It appears we have a rather regimented schedule, but my hope is to blog -- and vlog -- as much and as often as time will allow.

Thanks for stopping by and please bookmark the blog, as it will not only house exclusive content from our trip to Parris Island, but it will also serve as a one-stop shop for all military news as it pertains to the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Trip itinerary:
Welcome Dinner

Yellow Footprints/Receiving Brief
Meet DI Escorts/DI Time
CG Welcome Aboard/Command Brief
Education Brief
Squad Bay Tour/Pick up speech
Hot Chow with recruits
ISMT Brief/ Practical Application
M16 Familiarization at Khe San Range
Arrive at MCAS
Welcome Aboard/NCO Panel
F/A-18 Static Display

View Morning PT/Moto Run
Museum Visit
Family Day Ceremony
MCMAP/Confidence Crs Demo
Observe Rct Chow/Lunch with Marines
Crucible Video
Rappell Demo/Prac App
Family Day Dinner

Seating for Ceremony
Group Picture
Observe Graduation
Final Wrap-up/Q&A
Educators Depart

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