Cochran doesn't sit right with ACU

Posted on February 27, 2014 

Barney Keller of the Club for Growth's latest email blast alerted me to the Washington Post's blog post about a new rating from the American Conservative Union. Oh, it's a winding campaign trail in 2014.

The gist of it: Sen. Thad Cochran didn't do so well. He scored 63 percent, pretty much mimicking my performance in college trigonometry. Wow, the "Quiet Persuader"  isn't conservative enough for the ACU. I wouldn't be more bowled over if I found he wasn't liberal enough for the ACLU.

But there's a finding even more enigmatic. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell scored 94. Apparently not even a 94 gets you out of the woods with "the right." He's facing a primary challenge, too, as it Sen. Pat Roberts of Kansas, who scored 89.

Only three senators scored 100 percent.


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