We'll always have St. Martin

Posted on February 26, 2014 

Looks like my weekends will be free.
Paul Boudreaux of the local Tea Party on Tuesday evening graciously let me know that I won't be invited to any more of its events. For the record, I've been invited to one. In October. In St. Martin.
Seems Boudreaux didn't like the column I wrote Thursday about state Sen. Chris McDaniel. Five days ago. I love it when someone savors my work.
Anyway he didn't like my wisecrack about pioneers and health insurance nor the fact that I'd said I hadn't seen the candidate in these parts.
"He's done several meets and greets. Down here on the Coast," he said, but he didn't name a single one. And he wouldn't say why I hadn't been "invited" to any of them. "Up until this point here you could have gotten them. But from this point forward, you can forget it."
Bowling, anyone?

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