Jackson County Sheriff Mike Byrd's time in office

August 30, 2013 


November 1999: Mike Byrd wins election to become Jackson County sheriff after ousting then three-term Sheriff Pete Pope.

November 2003: Byrd wins re-election handily by sweeping most ballot boxes in the county and again defeating an old adversary, former Sheriff Pete Pope, and independent Deputy Sheriff Randy Bosarge. Byrd, a Republican, carried 63 percent of the vote.

March 27, 2006: Byrd's son, Pascagoula police officer Terry Micheal Byrd, dies in a motorcycle accident.

November 2007: Byrd wins his third term in office, easily defeating Democratic challenger Jerry Watson with 81 percent of the vote.

Nov. 8, 2011: Byrd wins an unprecedented fourth term with roughly 65 percent of the vote, defeating Pascagoula police Lt. Jeff Barnes.

November 2011: Byrd arrests Ocean Springs Alderman James Hagan on charges of molestation, child pornography and embezzlement.

June 2012: John Mark Stahl is arrested for stealing a patrol car, and later tells the Sun Herald he was kicked in the groin by Byrd and in the face by a deputy, who also stomped his head.

July 31, 2012: A shooting occurs at the Pascagoula office of the Jackson County Narcotics Task Force.

Oct. 16, 2012: Moss Point, Pascagoula vote to dissolve their partnerships with the Jackson County Narcotics Task Force.

Nov. 6, 2012: Gautier votes to dissolve its partnership with the Jackson County Narcotics Task Force.

Nov. 16, 2012: Head of the task force, Sgt. Jackie Trussell, is indicted as a result of the July shooting.

Nov. 20, 2012: Gautier, Moss Point and Pascagoula form their own task force, known as the Southeast Mississippi Metropolitan Enforcement Team.

March 2013: David Bruce Allen, a former heart surgeon who was held in jail for 14 months on drug charges that were eventually dismissed, files a $551 million federal lawsuit against Byrd and others, alleging civil, constitutional and human rights violations.

April 2013: Neurologist Matthew Wallack files a $25 million lawsuit against Byrd, after being arrested in April 2010 on a charge of possession of oxycodone.

June 2013: Hagan files a $30 million lawsuit in federal court against Byrd and four detectives for false arrest and malicious prosecution.

July 2013: Sun Herald reports on task force members, other law officers and government officials testifying before a Jackson County grand jury. District Attorney Tony Lawrence confirms he is investigating Sheriff's Office in connection with Hagan's arrest.

August 2013: Speculation grows that Byrd is resigning, but his attorney, Joe Sam Owen, denies the rumors.

August 2013: A federal judge grants a motion from Owen to stop representing Byrd and four other deputies named in Hagan's federal lawsuit.

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