Drainage top issue at Pascagoula Ward 3 town hall meeting

Posted by Christina Steube on August 20, 2013 

Pascagoula Ward 3 councilman David Tadlock held a town hall meeting Monday night at Sacred Heart Parish in Pascagoula with about 15 constituents present.

In the wake of a wet weekend, it wasn't surprising the topic of interest was drainage. 

While the drainage system in the city kept residents from flooding because of the eight inches of rain east Jackson County received, Tadlock said there is still a long way to go. 

"We've had far less complaints (now) than we've had all year," Tadlock said. 

Tadlock said since the new council took office, a lot of effort has been put into cleaning problem drainage areas. He said the city is working with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to solve other drainage issues within the city. 

He said the council plans to be proactive in solving this citywide issue. 

Other issues discussed in the Ward 3 meeting included speeding, bulkheads and boats being parked in front yards.

Tadlock said he plans to hold another town hall meeting in November and he encourages everyone in Ward 3 to attend, no matter where it's held.

"We want to find out when people have issues and how we can fix them," Tadlock said. 

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