The defenders

June 20, 2013 


The defenders

"Robbie Wrigley and her father, Robert Lucas, were wrongly prosecuted in precisely the tyrannical manner the Founding Fathers once feared our federal government could become capable of."

-- U.S. Sen. Rand Paul in his book 'Government Bullies

"I checked with the governor and as we recall, based on the information that was presented, it looked to be the worst case of abuse of power by the EPA and federal prosecutors."

-- Mick Bullock, an aide to Gov. Phil Bryant

'(Robbie Lucas Wrigley) was sentenced for Clean Water Act violations and she had a lengthy sentence and was supposed to be serving jail time but the majority of folks sentenced in related cases under the Clean Water Act usually received probation. So it seemed particularly egregious that this person who didn't really have anything to do with it would receive such a harsh sentence."

-- Rebekah Staples, a government relations adviser at Butler Snow in Jackson, talking about then-Gov. Haley Barbour's response to the case

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