Hancock County, Diamondhead POA request permit to dredge Devil's Elbow

kmagandy@sunherald.comMay 20, 2013 

Hancock County supervisors and the Diamondhead Property Owners Association are asking the Department of Marine Resources for permission to dredge Devil's Elbow, the DMR said Monday in press release.

The supervisors and Diamondhead POA filed an applications for a wetlands permit to clean out the area, which is an oxbow of Rotten Bayou. Devil's Elbow is in western Diamondhead

The wetlands permit was requested because the area known as Devil's Elbow is no longer navigable because of sediment deposts from upland, the DMR said.

The application requests for the removal of about 36,000 cubic yards from the site that is about 1,560 feet long by 200 wide. Less than an acre of vegetated wetlands are within the area that would be affected and the applicants would be required to relocate the vegetation.

According to DMR, the supervisors and Diamondhead POA also plan to implement an erosian remediation and maintenance plan in Diamondhead to control the source of sediment to Devil's Elbow, according to the application.

Anyone wishing to make comments or objections to the proposed regulated activity must submit those comments in writing to the Mississippi Department of Marine Resources at 1141 Bayview Avenue, Biloxi, MS 39530 and the Office of Pollution Control, P.O. Box 2261, Jackson, MS 39225-2261 before 1 p.m. on June 3, 2013.

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