Local businesses are abundant in Jackson County

Posted by Christina Steube on March 25, 2013 

Before I became a reporter at the Sun Herald, I worked in New York City. During my time there, I didn’t have the “luxury” of a Wal-Mart so I quickly learned to discover and rely on local businesses for everything - groceries, home items and even entertainment. 


Since I moved here in August, I’ve been on a local business “kick.” I try to only eat at local, mom-and-pop restaurants, I try to buy all gifts from small businesses and more recently I have only bought clothing from local boutiques. 


I’ve noticed that Jackson County has an overwhelming number of clothing boutiques, which is great thing and not something I'm used to in South Mississippi.


Pascagoula’s Anchor Square alone houses FIVE clothing boutiques. There are a few scattered in Gautier shopping centers and several in nearby downtown Ocean Springs. 


The great thing about a boutique is when you purchase an item, not many other people are going to be wearing the same thing as they would if everyone shopped from a mass stock in a department store. 


As I mentioned earlier, local restaurants are really important to me. Mostly because it bothers me to drive down Highway 90 across the Coast and see restaurants no longer open. Some even had fantastic menus! 


I just hope to see South Mississippi support more of their fellow residents in local businesses to keep these small gems alive in our area. 

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