Land Trust property purchase timeline

February 23, 2013 

Land Trust property purchase timeline

A timeline on the property Scott Walker, son of former DMR Executive Director Bill Walker, sold to the Land Trust for the Mississippi Coastal Plain.

March 12, 2008: Scott Walker and then-wife Christy buy Jackson County property in Gulf Hills from an estate. Sale price is $205,000, netting the estate $191,715.05 after commissions and closing costs, according to estate documents.

July 7, 2008: Walkers use Gulf Hills property as security on $310,590 loan. Deed of Trust calls for monthly payments of $2,775 with final payment of full principal and interest July 25, 2011.

Feb. 25, 2011: Christy Walker signs a quit-claim deed that gives Scott Walker sole ownership of Gulf Hills property.

Mid-March-early April 2011: Judy Steckler, Land Trust's executive director says she is approached about buying the Walker property by Tina Shumate, a DMR employee and Land Trust board member. Shumate said the DMR has funding for the purchase.

June 3, 2011: Land Trust board votes to buy Scott Walker property.

June 10, 2011: On behalf of the DMR, Bill Walker signs a sub-grant worksheet, agreeing to supply $210,000 -- $100,000 in federal Heritage money and $110,000 in DMR funds -- "to provide for the development of green space, trails and restoration."

July 13, 2011: Scott Walker deeds the property to Land Trust.

July 14, 2011: Merchants & Marine Bank releases its deed on the property, acknowledging Scott Walker's debt has been paid.

-- Jackson County Land Records, Land Trust

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