Brees debuts Daddy Iron Man

Posted by GARY ESTWICK on November 1, 2012 


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First of all, Drew Brees said Thursday afternoon while smiling, he does not pick his Halloween costumes. That task in the Brees household falls on his son, Baylen.

Entering Wednesday's big night of trick or treating, Baylen decided he wanted to be little Iron Man. He also decided that Pops, known to the rest of us as the Brees Sensation, the Pro Bowl quarterback of the New Orleans Saints, would dress up as Daddy Iron Man.

Then, Baylen changed his mind. 

"Unfortunately, at the last second, he did not want to put on his Iron Man costume," Drew said, still unable to contain his grin. "He chose to go with pajamas (and bare feet)... with his koala bear stuffed animal, trick or treating.

Brees tweeted a picture of him wearing his Daddy costume, wife Brittany a princess costume and Baylen in his pjs. 

"Happy Halloween! Baylen opted out of his costume but did not opt out of getting a boatload of candy!" Brees wrote on Twitter.

Seems like it was a good night of candy, candy, candy for Baylen...

"Until he ate the first or second piece of candy," Drew said, "and then got on a quick sugar high and then, it was just, couldn't keep up with him."


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