Kromer: Benson on Board

Posted by GARY ESTWICK on September 24, 2012 

Aaron Kromer said Monday he left his weekly meeting with Saints owner Tom Benson confident in his performance as interim coach, and in his roster.

"This organization, including Mr. Benson, is as solid as a rock right now," Kromer said. "They're all in. Everybody's together. Mr. Benson's together. He realizes the situation and he feels good about the way it's happening.

"Obviously, he doesn't feel good about the wins. We don't like it for him, we don't like it for the fans, everybody's trying way to hard to lose these games. But we're going to g t it fixed. And we're going to get it fixed one guy as a time, and as a group."

The Saints (0-3) are the lone winless team in the NFL heading into next Sunday's game at Green Bay, which plays Monday night against Seattle. 

On Sunday, the Saints lost 27-24 in overtime to Kansas City.

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