Brees: "We call it aggressively smart"

Posted by GARY ESTWICK on September 20, 2012 

Saints QB balances playing it Safe and going All In


I'm wondering how well Drew Brees plays poker.

Does he fold a lot, waiting for the perfect opportunity to make a play, or does he ante up often - if the dollar amount and the pot is large enough, or does he sling chips around the table, bluffing his way (we think bluffing) to winning hands.

If he plays the card game like he plays football, there's plenty aggressiveness. I thought about this after asking him Monday how he balances being careful after throwing two interceptions at Carolina (although one was a Hail Mary) yet staying aggressive.

He answer? It's a confidence thing.

"When you’re confident, you play aggressive within the system," Brees said. "We call it aggressively smart.

"We’re going to dial up big plays all the time. If it’s there, take advantage of it, because in the end, those are the differences in games to be able to hit on some of those big plays, but you also have to understand when it’s not there and sometimes your best play as a quarterback can be two throw it away or you take the sack, because the flip side of that is you force one, you get a pick (or) lose the ball in the pocket, whatever it may be, so you just look at situations in games when it’s time to take a chance, maybe when it’s time not to, but I’d say within our system we dial it up a lot, so (there’s) no need to force it."

We'll have a chance Sunday against Kansas City's 3-4 defense. The unit has struggled early this season with communication, leading to confusion, leading to an 0-2 record - just like the Saints. 


Last Sunday, Kansas City quarterback Matt Cassel threw for 301 yards (23-for-42 passing) with two touchdowns and one interception. The Chiefs lost 35-17.

"Obviously, starting 0-2 is not what any of us anticipated," Cassel said, "but at the same time it is what it is.  We've got to try to get this thing going in the right direction.  I think really it just starts collectively putting a game together in which all phases play together."




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