These Redskins fans have really fallen for Robert Griffin III - Will the love continue after a rough Sunday at the Superdome?

Posted by GARY ESTWICK on September 6, 2012 

This could be the shortest honeymoon... 

On Sunday, Robert Griffin III debuts in the NFL against the Saints. So this week, you can find plenty of stories out of the D.C. area about the No. 2 overall pick in spring's draft. Here's another one of them...

Wondering how the fan reaction will be if the Saints rout Washington.

Poor rookie?

Too bad you don't have a defense?

Too bad Drew Brees wasn't a senior at Purdue last season?

Even with the loss of defensive end Will Smith because of his alleged role in the bounty scandal, the Saints defense should be more than prepared. And with the Saints offense, the defense doesn't have to be great. Not even pretty good. Just good. 

Not that expectations are low. Interim coach Aaron Kromer said he wants the defense to focus on creating turnovers and getting off the field on third downs. Last season's defense tied for 28th in the league in third-down percentage (33 percent). The unit also tired for 28th with just nine interceptions.

A rookie QB could be a quick fix, a nice way to test out the new defense under first-year coordinator Steve Spagnuolo. 

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