Currying favor with seafood dish

Posted on July 9, 2012 

KATE MAGANDY/SUN HERALD Coconut Curry Shrimp is easy and quick to put together -- provided your prep work is done ahead of time. And that includes cleaning the shrimp! The payoff is a sweet-spicy dish that features Gulf shrimp at its succulent finest.

My husband and I recently treated ourselves to dinner at Bonefish Grill, one of our favorite places to go. One of their summer menu items was a coconut curry shrimp that was absolutely wonderful -- sweet, spicy and the shrimp cooked to perfection. I examined several bites while I ate to determine what else was in the dish besides the requisite curry, coconut and shrimp. Lots of colored sweet peppers, some onion -- nothing too difficult to find.

I decided to try to recreate the dish at home. A quick internet search brought up several versions of Coconut Curry Shrimp (check them out!). A trip to the grocery store later and I had everything I needed to give the recipe a go.

Fortunately for all of us, shrimp is not difficult to be found this time of year, and grocery stores even carry fresh shrimp if all you need is a pound or two.

Here's something important to note: Do NOT use the cream of coconut that usually is availalbe near the bar mixers. It's entirely too sweet for this dish (think pina colada). Instead, wander down the Asian aisle and grab the unsweetened coconut milk. You'll be glad you did. As a matter of fact, I found the yellow curry paste and fish sauce there as well.

A must here is to do all your prep work ahead of time because this dish cooks very quickly and if you stop to cut up a pepper or mince ginger and garlic, etc., your vegetables will be overdone. Or worse, your shrimp will be rubbery from cooking too long.

I used a wok, although you can use a deep skillet just as well. If you have a rice cooker, put some jasimine rice on just before you start cooking. It will be ready by the time your curry dish is done!

I will say that I combined a couple of different recipes because I wanted to try some different flavors. For instance, the main recipe I used did not call for lemongrass, but I used it anyway since I have some growing in my garden and it was mentioned in another recipe. I also omitted the potatoes in the recipe I used to keep the carbs down.

Here's the base recipe I found from

You can see the results in the photo. You give it a try!

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