reports Harper, Smith, Vilma coud face severe punishment in bounty program

April 17, 2012 

A story on is reporting that safety Roman Harper and defensive end Will Smith could be facing punishment in the Saints bounty program scandal.

Much of the attention had been focused on Jonathan Vilma, according to an report by Jason La Canfora, citing sources "with knowledge of the situation."

The report said Harper and Smith could face more severe discipline than a majority of the players the league believes participated in the bounty program. Somewhere between 22 and 27 players are believed to have been involved.

La Confora says Vilma, a linebacker, could face a suspension of anywhere from two to eight games this season.

On Monday, former Saints linebacker Scott Fujita, now with the Browns, and quarterback Drew Brees, both reps with the NFL Players Association, met with NFL officials in New York. Fujita is on the union's executive committee.

Brees said Monday that the NFL still has not presented him with "meaningful evidence" in the Saints' "bounty" case, La Canfora reports.

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