It's easy being green when it comes to caprese salad

Posted on June 2, 2011 

I talked about my container garden elsewhere in the Sun Herald a few weeks ago and am happy to say that tomato plants are producing, strawberries are growing and blueberries are ripening.


My husband, who loves to cook, brought home a Southern Living magazine from work because he spied a recipe he wanted us to try.

Grilled green tomato caprese salad.

Just reading the recipe made my mouth water, so I began studying the tomato plants to see if we had green tomatoes big enough to pluck to use in the salad.

On Sunday, I decided I'd waited long enough.

We culled the biggest four tomatoes, sliced them and marinated them according to the directions.

When Tom pulled them off the grill, I was in heaven from the aroma! I added the mozarella and basil, drilled a bit of the marinade over the top and Voila!

It was awesome. Even the kids loved it!

So I'm sharing the link to Southern Living's website for the recipe. Enjoy!

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